About Us

We at Rogol Creative Associates are a boutique, full-service creative consulting firm who work with Fortune 500 companies, art and charity NGOs, plucky startups and anyone in between. Having formed lasting relationships with companies from Rhode Island to California, we at RCA are uniquely positioned to personally assist companies of all size, age and location in meeting their distinct business goals. By offering individually-researched creative solutions, we’ve built a portfolio of satisfied clients who’ve seen their business vision enhanced according to their tastes and needs through our innovative, hands-on and always cost-effective assistance. While our areas of expertise include branding & recognition, graphic & website design, and up-to-date marketing strategies, our success is built on our personal, full-service approach designed to help companies realize their complete vision, one that sets them above others in their business sector. And beyond these traditional business growth & development strategies, RCA also believes a company’s social presence, be it through print or Internet (or both), is as important as the business itself. We believe that this presence is like a store, one that profits by allowing for changing trends—in addition to general updating and maintenance—to inspire consumers and encourage a connection between our clients and their customers’ individual needs.

Succinctly, we at Rogol Creative Associates are interested in your vision and your company now, but even more interested in where you envision your company in five years.

Rob Rogol

With over 25 years of creative business consulting with clients around the globe from firms in Boston, D.C., San Diego and San Francisco, Rob has dedicated his professional life to helping companies flourish, and enjoyed his personal life on the rewards of these successes. After moving to Rhode Island to be closer to family and beginning work as a satellite for the office back in San Diego, Rob was able to get a wide-angle perspective of the firm. This eye-opening experience affirmed an earlier observation of how entrenched and constraining consulting firms can sometimes become, always relying on old tricks and out-dated information to keep their “well-oiled machine” in motion. This insight, coupled with a winter walk along the RI shoreline with Bo—RCA’s anxious, four-legged, Chief Napping Officer—Rob realized that a creative consulting firm had to be an ever-changing entity, like the ocean. It had to shift with the times, it had to always be willing to grow, evolve and incorporate new ideas from depths yet unknown. From that cold walk a mission was born and, back at the house, while Rob transcribed his business plan, Bo napped at his feet.

Rob Rogol is originally from Walpole, MA. He has rooted for the Sox from stadiums across this great nation and has traveled much of the world both alone and with his wife, Kate and son Brooks.